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  1. eKino-945GSE

    Model Code: eKINO-945GSE-N270-R10

    - Wide input 9~28VDC
    - Fanless Operation

    -Equipped with AUPS sub-system acts as a simple UPS system

  2. eNOVA-945GSE

    Model Code: eNOVA-945GSE-N270-R10

    - AUPS sub-system acts as simple UPS system
    - Wide range 9-28V DC input
    - Support LVDS, TV-out, VGA display output


    Model Code: HYPER-BT

    - PICO-ITX SBC supports Intel® 22nm Atom™ or Celeron® on-board SoC
    - 12V only single voltage design for AT/ATX power by DC power jack
    - VGA and iDP support dual display


    Model Code: HYPER-BW

    - Pico-ITX SBC supports Intel® 14nm Pentium®/Celeron® on-board SoC
    - Dual independent display support
    - 1333/1600 MHz 1.35V DDR3L SDRAM up to 8 GB supported


    Model Code: HYPER-KBN

    - PICO-ITX form factor with AMD® Embedded G-Series SoC supports DDR3/DDR3L up to 1600MHz memory

    - 12V only single voltage design for AT/ATX power by DC power jack

    -  DVI-I and 18-bit single channel LVDS support for dual displays


  6. ICE QM-770
    ICE QM-770

    Model Code: ICE-QM770-R10

    - Intelᆴ Coreル i7/i5/i3/Celeronᆴ processors supported
    - 1600/1333/1066MHz dual-channel DDR3 up to 16GB
    - Supports 1.35V DDR3L

  7. ICE-945GSE

    Model Code: ICE-945GSE-N270-R10

    - Ultra Low power design for Fanless solution
    - Wide temperature range support (-40~85?)
    - Support Dual Display for VGA + LVDS

  8. ICE-DB-9S

    Model Code: ICE-DB-9S-R10

    ATX form factor baseboard for COM Express Type 2 module

    Support one PCIe x16, four PCIe x1, three PCI for expansions

  9. ICE-GM45A

    Model Code: ICE-GM45A-R10

    - Intelᆴ GM45 / ICH9-M chipset
    - 12V@2.574A, Coreル2 Duo P8600 2.4GHz with 1GB
    - 0ᄎC~ 60ᄎC

  10. ICE-PV-D5251

    Model Code: ICE-PV-D5251

    COM Express Type 2 module with compact size (95 mm x 95 mm)
    Intel® Atom™ N455/D525 processor support
    DDR3 800MHz SO-DIMM socket supports up to 2GB
    Support eight USB 2.0, three SATA 3Gb/s and one IDE

  11. ICE-QM871

    - Intel 4th generation Mobile Core™ i7/i5/i3/Celeron® processor supported
    - Support 1.35V DDR3L
    - Dual-channel DDR3 1600/1333 supports up to 16GB

  12. ICES 267S
    ICES 267S

    Model Code:

    - Intelᆴ 2nd generation Intelᆴ Coreル processor family
    - Support 6 Express lanes, 32 bit PCI interface, one IDE and Gigabit LAN
    - LFP LVDS interface to support 18/24-bit & single/dual channel interface

  13. ICES 620X
    ICES 620X

    Model Code: ICES 620X

    - Embedded Intel® Atom™ E3800 family processors with 4 core support
    - Embedded controller built-in with EAPI support
    - Support DDR3L with ECC/SO-DIMMs 1066/1333MHz up to 4GB

  14. ICES 668
    ICES 668

    Model Code: ICES 668

    - Up to 3x Independent Displays, VGA, Dual Channels 18/24-bit LVDS, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPor
    - Intelᆴ QM77 PCH chipset support PICMG COM.0 Rev. 2.0 Type 6 pin-outs
    - Dual channel DDR3 with ECC SO-DIMMs 1333/1600MHz up to 16GB

  15. ICES 670
    ICES 670

    Model Code: ICES 670 

    - Mobile Intel® QM87 chipset

    - Support PICMG COM.0 Rev. 2.1 Type 6 pin-outs

    - Intel® 4th generation Core™ processor

  16. ICES 671
    ICES 671

    Model Code: ICES 671

    - 4th gen. Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 processor ( co-layout with boardwell MCP)
    - Triple independent display integrated GT1/GT2/GT3 to support: VGA, dual 18-/24
    - Dual DDR3L/SO-Dimm (1600Mhz) up to 16GB without ECC memory support

  17. ICES254

    Model Code: ICES254

    - Atomル Dual Core processor D2700, 2.13GHz
    - ICH10R Intelᆴ Matrix Storage RAID 0/1/5/10
    - 1x DDR3 SO-DIMM socket up to 4GB

  18. ICES667

    Model Code: ICES667

    - Intelᆴ QM77 PCH (HM76 ) chipset
    - Intelᆴ 82579LM Gigabit Ethernet
    - Dimension: 95mm (W) x 125mm (L)

  19. IEM-945GSE

    Model Code: Part No. Description IEM-945GSE-N270-R10

    - ETX 3.0 CPU Module with on board dual SATA-150 ports
    - Support Dual Display for VGA + LVDS

  20. IEM-DB-7S-RS

    Model Code: IEM-DB-7S-RS-R30

  21. IMB-8550

    Model Code: IMB-8550GR-R10

    - Pentiumᆴ/ Celeronᆴ M FSB 400MHz, up to 2.10GHz
    - Chipset Intelᆴ 855GME + ICH4
    - 2x 184-pin DDR266/333 DIMM socket up to 2GB

  22. IMB-9454G

    Model Code: IMB-9454G-R20

    - LGA 775 Pent 4/ Pent D/ Cel D FSB 533/800/1066MHz
    - Chipset Intelᆴ 945G + ICH7
    - 4 x 240-pin Dual channel DDRII 533/667MHz up to 4GB

  23. IMB-C2060

    Model Code: IMB-C2060-R10

    - LGA1155 Intelᆴ Xeonᆴ E3 & Intelᆴ Coreル i3 supported
    - Dual-channel DDR3 1333MHz supports up to 32GB
    - Intelᆴ PCIe GbE with Intelᆴ AMT 7.0 supported

  24. IMB-G41A

    Model Code: IMB-G41A-R10

    - Integrated VGA and PCIe x16 interface for dual display
    - IEI One Key Recovery allows OS backup and recovery
    - Support for 45nm Intelᆴ Coreル2 processor

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