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Tekdis offers a wide selection of commercial display screens and  monitors that are fast, reliable, and durable, to suit your display needs, including LED or LCD screens, Full HD or 4K, video wall displays, and more. Some commercial displays are powered by Android and come with built-in cameras and speakers, making them a smart solution for data measurement and analytics. For multi-user applications, such as Point of Purchase, shelf advertising, or wayfinding - Multi-Touch commercial display screens are ideal. If you need assistance to find a commercial monitor that best suits your requirements, get in touch with our team today.

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Types of Commercial Display Monitors

Commercial monitors are specially designed devices that are intended for use in commercial settings such as retail stores, offices, and other professional settings. They are typically built with both durability and aesthetic value in mind, with sturdy construction, high-resolution functions, and a wide range of screen size options. Continue reading to learn more about the most common types of commercial display monitors and which will be ideal for your own professional environment.

Multi-Touch Android Display

Android devices are increasingly using multi-touch displays, which enable more immersive and interactive experiences, particularly in gaming and multimedia applications. Android's multi-touch displays allow multiple points of contact to be registered at the same time, allowing for more complex interactions than single-touch displays in the past. Users can interact with the screen in a variety of novel ways, including pinch-to-zoom control, multi-finger swipes, and more, thanks to the new technology. Tekdis has a wide range of cutting-edge Android multi-touch options, whether it's a multi-touch android for the boardroom, a slim design multi-touch medical panel for the doctor's office or a multi-touch panel for your sandwich shop.

Q-Line Display Monitors.

Q-Line display monitors are known for their bright, clear imagery as well as their ability to withstand the rigours of professional use. Q-Line display monitors are a popular choice for business owners who need a device that both their employees and their clients can easily and frequently use because of their winning combination of durability and high-quality image display. Many Q-Line display monitors feature built-in speakers, picture enhancement, and a 3-year warranty, as well as crisp, detailed images, wide viewing angles, and quick response times. Q-Line display monitors are also built with power-saving features, making them a low-cost option if you're looking for a display monitor that won't run up your electric bill.

D-Line Display Monitors

The commercial D-Line display monitor is a style of monitor designed for use in the most demanding environments. It is well-known for its tough construction and long lifespan, making it ideal for use in the manufacturing, transportation, and military industries. D-Line monitors are designed to thrive and survive in the harshest environments, withstanding extreme temperatures, vibrations, and shock. Their quick response times and high-quality images make them an invaluable asset in any high-pressure environment where dependable equipment is essential. They are also frequently constructed with energy-saving features, which is obviously a fantastic cost-effective feature, but also means that the battery is less likely to conk out when you're miles away from a charging outlet. You can even access them via Wi-Fi.

Full HD Displays

Full HD screens, the industry standard for computer monitors, provides crisp, sharp images with bright, vibrant colours. Full HD displays are a popular choice for both business and personal use because they provide excellent picture quality at a low cost. Whether you're using the screen for work, gaming, or simply watching a movie, a Full HD display is one of the best ways to enjoy a high-resolution viewing experience. Direct LED backlighting is available, as is a three-year warranty.

Video Wall Displays

A video wall display is exactly what it sounds like: a monitor wall made up of several - sometimes many - individual monitors stacked together to form a single display (and, really, what better metaphor for the collaborative nature of the human race exists?). Video wall displays have a high visual impact, making them ideal for large and/or busy areas like airports, shopping malls, and event venues. A video wall is one of the best ways to create a striking visual experience that is sure to capture your customer's attention, with LED backlighting, high-resolution monitors, and the ability to display multiple inputs.

There are three types of video walls: Basic Video Walls (where the content is only displayed on the individual video monitor), Intermediate Video Walls (where a multi-window video wall accepts a single input per section and displays it on multiple screens), and Advanced Video Walls (where the wall can support a large number of screens of different form factors, with numerous content windows can be dynamically moved or resized).

Features of Tekdis Commercial Monitors

Tekdis commercial monitors include, but are not limited to, the following features:

  • Designs that enable your monitor to run continuously for extended periods of time without burning out
  • In-built speakers
  • Scheduling flexibility (on/off)
  • Touch Overlay possibilities
  • Portrait and landscape orientations are available.
  • Screen burn defence

However, keep in mind that each product is unique. To ensure that the monitor you're considering has the capabilities you require, it's always a good idea to check the specifications of each individual monitor, which you can easily do by clicking on the "specifications" tab on any online Tekdis product display.

Commercial Monitor FAQs

What is a commercial-grade display monitor?

A commercial-grade display monitor is a display screen that is specifically designed and manufactured for commercial applications, such as use in public spaces, office settings, and retail settings. Because of the nature of these work environments, they are built to last.

Why do I need a commercial display?

If your workplace is one of the many modern workplaces that has integrated some form of digital enhancement, then whatever devices you're using for that should be as reliable as possible. In public places, commercial display monitors can operate continuously and reliably. They are designed to withstand high temperatures, bright light, and dust. They can also withstand repeated use by a variety of people, whether they are the devoted hands of your employees or the grimy hands of your customers.

What is the difference between professional display vs consumer display?

Consumer displays are designed for use at home and may have a lower level of durability and features than professional displays, which are built to withstand the demands of the environment in which they will be used. When it comes to built-in features, there are sometimes additional differences. This is not to say that one is superior to the other; they are simply designed for different environments.

What is the difference between an industrial touchscreen and a commercial display?

Commercial displays are designed to be used in retail, corporate, and public settings. Industrial touch screens, on the other hand, are intended for use in harsh industrial environments such as manufacturing plants and oil rigs. They are resistant to dust, shock, and extreme temperatures.

What are touch screen and multi-touch screen monitors?

A touchscreen monitor has an interface that allows users to interact with onscreen systems by touching the screen directly. Monitors with multi-touch capabilities can distinguish multiple touch points at the same time, allowing for more complex movements and interactions and allowing multiple users to control the screen at the same time.

What commercial display monitor is best for advertising?

If you're buying a display monitor specifically for advertising, it's best to get one with excellent visual capabilities (brightness, resolution, etc). It's also important to consider what size is best for your location; you may want to purchase a large display to ensure customer attention, but you'll need to confirm that it will fit in your business location without any issues (to that end, ensure that the screen's viewing angle can be seen from multiple locations). If your advertising includes an audio component, a good sound system (built-in or otherwise) is essential, as are input options to ensure the display is compatible with various devices. Durability and longevity are always important considerations, as is, of course, price.

The good news is, we’re very likely to have a solution that ticks every box. Are you ready to dive into our products? You can check out our range of commercial monitors here.

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