SMARC (Smart Mobility Architecture) modules are ultra-small system-on-modules targeted towards applications that demands compactness and energy-efficiency. The SMARC system-on-modules also support evaluation carrier boards for easy integration and hardware design reference.

Tekdis offers a wide selection of SMARC modules and can help develop carrier board solutions to suit customer requirements. We have the experience and know how to select the correct storage, communication modules (LTE, WLAN) and can license/image with operating systems prior to shipping.

Tekdis offers custom built solutions for your application

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  1. SCM120 - SMARC 1.0 iMX6
    SCM120 - SMARC 1.0 iMX6

    SMARC v1.0 SoM with iMX6 Quad/DualLite 800 MHz (Industrial) SoC, 1GB RAM, 4GB eMMC, GbE LAN, Audio, CAN, MIPI and PCAM

  2. SCM120-120-EVK - SMARC 1.0 Cortex-A9
    SCM120-120-EVK - SMARC 1.0 Cortex-A9

    SMARC v1.0 SoM Evaluation Kit with Quad/DualLite 800 MHz (Industrial) SoC,1GB Memory, 4GB eMMC, Gigabit Ethernet, Audio, CAN, MIPI and PCAM

  3. SCM180-180-EVK - SMARC 2.0 i.MX8M
    SCM180-180-EVK - SMARC 2.0 i.MX8M

    SMARC v2.0 SoM Evaluation Kit with i.MX8M Quad/Dual 1.5 GHz/1.3 GHz (Industrial) SoC, 4GB Memory, 64GB eMMC, CAN, MIPI CSI/DSI, and HDMI 2.0

  4. SCM180 - SMARC 2.0 i.MX8M
    SCM180 - SMARC 2.0 i.MX8M

    SMARC v2.0 SoM with i.MX8M Quad/Dual 1.3 GHz (Industrial) SoC, 1GB/2GB Memory, 8GB eMMC, CAN, MIPI CSI/DSI, HDMI 2.0

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