Micro ATX

High performance Micro ATX motherboards (244 x 244 mm) support a wide range of computing capacities, rich I/Os and expansion slots. The Micro ATX motherboards are suited for space and cost sensitive applications yet maximising computing power, storage and expansion.

Tekdis offers a wide selection of Micro-ATX Single Board Computers and can build complete solutions to suit customer requirements. We have the experience and know how to select the correct storage, communication modules (LTE, WLAN) and can license/image with operating systems prior to shipping.

Tekdis offers custom built solutions for your application

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  1. IMBA-Q170-i2

    ATX motherboard supports 14nm LGA1151 Intel CPU Intel Q170

  2. IMB-H810-i2

    microATX motherboard supports 22nm LGA1150 Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3, Pentium®, Celeron® CPU per Intel® H81

  3. IMB-9454G

    micro-ATX Motherboard with Intel Core 2 Duo, Pentium® 4/ Pentium® D/ Celeron® D FSB 533/800/1066MHz CPU, VGA, Dual PCIe GbE, SATA II, USB 2.0, 6 COM, & Audio

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