Giada Technology Inc.

Established in 1999, Giada is a global brand providing digital signage players, edge computers, OPS/SDM and embedded motherboards for enterprise customers.

Thanks to the strong engineering background, experienced in-house R&D team, and 100% owned ISO-9001 certified manufacture base, Giada is well-known for its reliable & market-oriented designed products, flexible customization and highly-efficient supply chain service.

Giada Technology Inc.
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  1. F108D Booksize Fanless Signage Player 4K Display
    F108D Booksize Fanless Signage Player 4K Display

    Compact, fanless Intel Alder Lake-N powered PC for digital signage and kiosks. Features versatile I/O ports, high-quality graphics, and reliable operation in mission-critical scenarios.

    Key Features:

    • Powered by Intel® Alder Lake-N processors (6-15W) for low-power efficiency.
    • Book-size design tailored for digital signage and kiosk applications.
    • Rich I/O ports, including dual COM ports, 6 USB Type-A, and dual LAN ports.
    • Easily integrates into vending machines, self-service kiosks, and check-in kiosks.
    • Intel® UHD Graphics with DP and two HDMI ports supporting resolutions up to 4096 x 2160@60Hz.
    • Fanless design with passive thermal cooling for noise-free and dustproof operation.
    • Ideal for mission-critical applications with reduced failure rates.
  2. IB4-271 Long Life Cycle Thin Mini-ITX Motherboard
    IB4-271 Long Life Cycle Thin Mini-ITX Motherboard

    Giada IB4-271, a slim Mini-ITX motherboard featuring Elkhart Lake Celeron J6412 with a 10W TDP, is aligned with Intel® IOTG's roadmap, ensuring a 7+ years lifespan and notable performance enhancements.

    Key Features:

    • Elkhart Lake platform delivers up to 1.7x improvement in single-thread and 1.5x improvement in multi-thread performance.
    • Three display outputs (DP, HDMI, LVDS) with 4K support via HDMI (4096 x 2160 @60 Hz) and DP (4096 x 2160 @60 Hz) powered by Intel® UHD Graphics.
    • Wi-Fi 5/6 support for high-speed data transfer and seamless connectivity to various peripherals.
    • Fanless design with a passive thermal cooling system reduces failure rates, ensuring noise-free and dustproof operation for mission-critical applications.
  3. RN28 Fanless 12th Gen Network Appliance
    RN28 Fanless 12th Gen Network Appliance

    Designed for efficiency and connectivity, the RN28 features Intel Alder Lake-N processors, robust Gigabit and PoE support, and a fanless design for noise-sensitive environments.

    Key Features:

    • Powered by Intel Alder Lake-N processors on the Intel 7 process, RN28 offers superior processing power with energy efficiency.
    • Processor N100 with 4 Cores and 4 threads, TDP under 15W.
    • Robust connectivity with two Gigabit RJ-45 (BYPASS pair on Lan 1-2) and four Gigabit RJ-45 supporting PoE for fast, direct connections.
    • Wireless flexibility with support for Wi-Fi 5/6/6E.
    • Four RJ45 ports supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE), each capable of delivering up to 30W.
    • Simplified network setup by combining data connectivity and power delivery.
    • Fanless design is ideal for noise-sensitive environments.
  4. D613 Intel 13th Gen with vPro Technology
    D613 Intel 13th Gen with vPro Technology

    Giada D613 Intel 13th Gen vPro 5G Simultaneous 4K

    Key Features:

    • Intel® 13th Gen. Raptor Lake Processors provide high computing performance and efficiency.
    • Giada D613 supports four display outputs, allowing for simultaneous 4K video playback.
    • Intel® vPro Technology offers integrated hardware-based PC protection, including below-the-OS security and advanced threat detection.
    • The D613 is compatible with a 5G cellular network, providing significantly faster speeds, low latency, and increased capacity.
    • The combination of high-performance cores and efficient cores in the processors optimizes power consumption without sacrificing processing power.
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