GeniCart with Keyboard Tray - Powered Medical Cart

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GeniCart with Keyboard Tray
Brand: Bytec Healthcare

Powered Cart with Keyboard Tray


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Powered Cart with Keyboard Tray


·         New 2019 Keyboard Tray

·         Easy Cleaning & Silver-ion defence

·         Lightweight Maneuverability

·         Ergonomically Designed

·         Small footprint for space saving

·         Heavy duty castors, all wheel braking

·         Robust construction for busy environments

·         Custom mount fittings and accessories to suit your needs

·         Wireless cable management system, no trip hazards

·         Height Adjustable or Fixed Height

·         High capacity water resistant power module (IP67), for shift-to-shift use and easy cleaning

This product is listed in Medical Solutions, Mobile Carts, Bytec Healthcare, Medical

Height 300mm Range ( 767mm-1067mm)
Footprint 400mm X 955mm
System Input voltage
28VDC (via Gen-PSU-180 Supplied Separately)
Width of Unit 400mm
Accessories Available
Handle, Basket, Medi-Rail, Mount, Cable Hook,
Drip Pole, DC Adapter Holder
Castors 5 castors, 100mm, All braked
4 Castors, 100mm, All braked
Geni-Tec  System
Dual Dock push button release, adjustable
regulated output 12-28V (Battery Modules
Supplied Separately,)
Power System ; EN/ES/IEC 60601-1
Power Module: IEC 62133, UL 2054, UN38.3