EN50155 Rack 12-port managed 10G/2.5G PoE Ethernet switch

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Brand: ORing

EN50155 Rack 12-port managed 10G/2.5G PoE Ethernet switch

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The TRGPS-9084TG-M12X-BP2-MV, which is compliant with the EN50155 standard, is a managed 10G Redundant Ring Ethernet switch with 8x10/100/1000Base-T(X) P.S.E. ports and 4x1G/2.5G/5G/10GBase-T(X) ports which are specifically designed for the toughest and fully compliant with EN50155 requirement. 

The switch supports Ethernet Redundancy protocol, O-Ring (recovery time < 30ms over 250 units of connection), O-Chain and MSTP (RSTP/STP compatible) can protect your mission-critical applications from network interruptions or temporary malfunctions with its fast recovery technology.  It is specifically designed for the toughest industrial environments.  TRGPS-9084TG-M12X-BP2-MV EN50155 Ethernet switch uses M12 connectors to ensure tight, robust connections, and guarantee reliable operation against environmental disturbances, such as vibration and shock. 

TRGPS-9084TG-M12X-BP2-MV also supports Power over Ethernet, a system to transmit electrical power up to 30 watts, along with data, to remote devices over standard twisted-pair cable in an Ethernet network.  Each TRGPS-9084TG-M12X-BP2-MV switch has 8x10/100/1000Base-T(X) P.S.E. (Power Sourcing Equipment) ports.  P.S.E. is a device (switch or hub for instance) that will provide power in a PoE connection.

And support wide operating temperature from -40 oC to 75 oC.  TRGPS-9084TG-M12X-BP2-MV can also be managed centralized and convenient by Open-Vision, Except the Web-based interface, Telnet and console (CLI) configuration.

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