Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions

Tekdis offer a range of medical grade embedded computers, Panel PCs, Medical Carts and Medical Tablets. Medical carts are available as both powered and un-powered to suit the customer preference. Medical carts were introduced in hospitals for point of care treatments so nurses and doctors can have the mobility required to bring treatments to patients where needed, whether in emergency rooms, treatment rooms, or immobilized patient rooms. Some common medical carts seen in healthcare facilities include mobile respiratory carts for respiratory care, nursing supply carts for nurses to administer treatments, ultrasound carts for ultrasound therapy, crash carts for emergency treatments, treatment carts carrying medical supplies and medications

Designed for patient care our mobile workstations are designed to feel light, intuitive to use, easy to clean yet providing reliable operation for many years. Medical Grade Panel PCs are manufactured with particular attention to materials including anti-bacterial plastics, fanless design and smooth industrial design. We can then configure complete solutions including medical grade keyboards, mouse and other accessories.

Tekdis can also assist with turnkey supply as we  have extensive experience with supply, commissioning and maintenance of these systems.

If you need assistance to find an Medical Computing or Medical Cart that best suits your requirements, get in touch with our team today.

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