Digital Signage & Displays

Digital Signage & Displays

Digital signage continues to explode across various industries due to its effectiveness in helping to increase sales and grow the business.

Whether it is to increase a company’s visibility, deliver important information, capture the audience’s attention, or to create a better and more engaging experience for customers, commercial digital signage displays provide a great solution.

Digital signage displays can be used as digital advertising display screens indoors or outdoors, as well as to show images, videos, text, or even restaurant menus. This versatility makes digital signage screens suitable for various projects and applications, including in the corporate, retail, medical, hospitality, and education sectors.

We have one of the biggest range of digital signage screens and commercial displays in Melbourne and Sydney. Our options include the Philips MMD range, Multi-Touch or Video Wall Displays, LED displays and open frame solutions that can be integrated into customer housings.

There are many different size options – LCD from 10" to 98" displays or LED displays which can cover entire walls either indoors or outdoors.

To complement this we also supply and configure high reliability PC based media players including fanless models in a range of performance/display capabilities and 4G gateways.

Tekdis also provides industrial colour LCD modules and LCD Flush Touch Monitors for integration into OEM products.

Explore our wide selection of digital signage screens and commercial displays to find one that meets your requirements.

To find out more about our range of digital signage screens, commercial LCD monitors, and other commercial displays, feel free to contact our team today to find out the best solution and pricing.

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  1. 75BDL3003H - 75" UHD High Brightness Display
    75BDL3003H - 75" UHD High Brightness Display

    H-Line Display, 75" 3000 cd/m², Ultra HD

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